Real sports success

The success you want for yourself and those you coach, involves more than just physical skills.


Certainly physical skills are vital, but on their own can leave athletes missing most of what they need for extraordinary success. Sports history is littered with athletes who had terrific skills but end up also-rans who could never take the final steps to greatness. That is why Cody Cain created the BMIQ Success Triangle.

BMIQ puts together the three components required for athletic success – Body, Mind, and IQ. Miss one of those and you may be a good athlete, but you will be always fall short at that next level of competition. Using those three components to complement each other is the secret to success beyond what even seemed possible.

Never before has anyone put these three pieces together and created a program that balances each part according to each athlete’s needs.

In our camps, clinics, and private coaching, we develop Body, Mind and IQ to the extent that each athlete needs them to be developed. Working together in proper balance, they ensure remarkable success, not just in sports, but in all facets of life. The three aspects work together in balance, in conjunction with each other in an integrated process where all elements work toward the same ultimate outcome, the one YOU are aiming for.

How BMIQ works in camps, clinics, and private coaching

The first thing we work on is young athletes’ minds. Everyone has a dream but those dreams need to be turned into focused goals, not just nebulous “wouldn’t that be great if…” thoughts. The belief that underpins our program and the BMIQ philosophy is perfectly summarized by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The key elements of each component of the Body Mind IQ Success Philosophy are as follows:
  • Body

    Nutrition, Bio-mechanics, Strength & Conditioning, Flexibility

  • Mind

    Positive Affirmations, Positive Reframing, Goal Setting & Visualization techniques

  • IQ

    Position play, Game Strategy, Emotional Control, Learning Strategy

  • Desire

    The high octane fuel that powers BMIQ

For more detail about the BMIQ Success Triangle, click here.

Camps and Clinics


What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish playing baseball?

"You have talent and skills, and here’s where you take them not just to the next level but several levels higher."

At Perfect Game Academy we realize that custom-designed (bespoke) programs, such as those we provide in private coaching, might not be suited to all students of the game. Therefore, we deliver baseball camps and clinics that provide intensive small group coaching across a multiple day event.

These events have top quality instructors from across various disciplines such as hitting, pitching, catching, infield, outfield, base running, strength and conditioning, and the mental game. This multi-day program provides specialized coaching tailored to each athlete’s particular needs. We incorporate up-to-date technologies from video capture and replay to the latest measuring equipment and thinking on strength and conditioning. All students are introduced to a flexibility program derived from Yoga and concepts like self-hypnosis, positive self-talk, and goal setting.

You get personalized instruction because our camps have a maximum five-to-one athlete-to-coach ratio. It is designed for those ball players who are serious about becoming as great as they can be. Our coaches are dedicated to our students’ success.


Get coached by the best

  • Cody Cain
    Head Coach
    Cody Cain
    Head Coach
    • Starting Pitcher for Lewis & Clark NAIA College World Series team 1990
    • Great Britain National team – 2006 – 2008
    • Holder of numerous pitching records in British baseball including:
      • All-time Strikeout leader
      • Longest consecutive scoreless inning streak
      • Most strike-outs in a single game – 18Ks in 7 innings
    • Member of three British National Championship teams – 1993, 2006, and 2010. Finalist in 2005, 2008, 2009
    • Director of BaseballSoftballUK since 2012
    • Inducted into the British Baseball Hall of Fame 2014
    • Founder of Perfect Game Academy
  • Cris Hiche
    Senior Coach
    Cris Hiche
    Senior Coach
    • Represented Chile on the under-12 and under-16 National Teams and is now the Centerfielder for the Chilean National Team.
    • Attended the International Baseball Academy in Brazil – Coached by legendary Cuban players Jorge Luis Tati Valdes and Lazaro Vargas (both won Gold Medals for Cuba in 1992 & 1996 Olympics).
    • Played under coach Leon Lee (played professionally in Japan, Cubs scout, and father of ex-MLB player Derek Lee).
    • 2003-2004 Attended Glendale Community College where there is an 83% transfer rate into Pro Baseball or NCAA/NAIA.
    • Between 2008 and 2010 he played for the Sahuaripa in the Mesa Semi-Pro League alongside former and rehabilitating Minor League players.
    • Played in the South American Championships in 2012-2013, winning the best Centerfielder award in 2012.
    • Coach for the Herts Harriers since 2012 and for BSUK Academies since 2013.
    • Centerfielder for the Herts Falcons BBF National League team.
  • Devery Van De Keere
    Senior Coach
    Devery Van De Keere
    Senior Coach
    • Played 13 years of baseball in Canada, 4 time provincial champion
    • Won 2 bronze medals and 1 silver medal at Canadian National Championships
    • Played two years at Phoenix Junior College, two years at University of Louisiana Lafayette
    • Drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 2007, played two years in the minor leagues hitting .282
    • Founded a baseball consulting business on the Swiss/Austrian border in 2010: regularly runs camps and gives private lessons to teams and players from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria
    • Coach of the Dornbirn Indians in Dornbirn – Austria
    • U15 Austrian national team assistant coach since 2012
    • Envoy Coach for MLB International, 2014 and 2015. Worked with the four academies in France and with several teams in the Czech Republic representing MLB International
    • Studied Psychology in University
    • Completed level 2 of the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program
    • Father pitched for team Canada

Confidence, Capability, and Competence

"You’ll believe in yourself and your abilities so that you have a swagger when you walk onto the field."

Private Coaching

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Flexibility

  • Arm care and durability

  • Nutrition

  • Baseball IQ

  • Skills based instruction based on positions

  • Mental preparation

  • Ongoing support through video evaluation and periodic assessments

  • Guidance for further playing opportunities

Bespoke Program Packages

Don’t see what you need? Contact us to create a package that is suited to you.
* Every student who is part of the Hall of Fame, All Star and Championship programs will receive the following:
  • J-Band with instructions

  • Personal evaluation form

  • Discount off Perfect Game camps and clinics