At Cody Cain Coaching we believe in a threefold approach to coaching:

  • Make the game fun

    How do we do that? We continuously strive to make whatever activity that we do a positive experience for the players. We celebrate in their successes with them, and make sure they know when they are doing well by acknowledging the effort they are putting in, and encouraging them to take the next step. The more we celebrate their successes, the more positive experiences they will have and the more confidence they will gain as a result. This in turn will lead to more success on the field, as well as in life.

  • Provide tailored coaching

    Every player has different strengths and weaknesses, so therefore it is crucial that every athlete receives personal instruction and a program that works specifically for them. Whether that is through our one-on-one sessions, group sessions or Perfect Game Academy Camps and clinics we work with each student individually to teach them how they can incorporate our teachings and methodologies into their own individual style.

  • Focus on the mental aspects of the game

    It is commonly stated that baseball is 90% mental. We have all seen those players that have fantastic skills and technique, but for some reason they just aren’t able to convert those abilities into consistent results on the field. At Cody Cain Coaching we work hard to emphasise the importance of the mental aspect of the game by paying attention to the internal dialogue that takes place both on and off the field, as well as focusing on the importance of positive self-talk and affirmations.


Our Camps and Coaching methods follow our “I believe” philosophy:

"I believe...


At Cody Cain Coaching we believe that the game of baseball is a training ground for life:

  • You learn how to handle failure as well as how to celebrate success

  • You learn to work as a team and to trust others

  • You learn how to be supportive and to take constructive criticism

  • You learn how to set goals and how to work toward achieving those goals

  • You learn how to stay positive and supportive even when things aren’t going your way

  • You learn how to channel your emotions and to let them work for you rather than against you