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Cody Cain Coaching provides a platform where coaches and players are working from the same philosophy and therefore can communicate more effectively to further address player-specific skills.

By working with us, you will learn to . . .

Provide consistent coaching philosophies

If a parent were to ask you what your coaching philosophy or style is, what would you say? You take on a huge responsibility when you become a youth coach. You mold young minds and bodies and create a lifelong impression for all the young athletes you coach. They will love the sport, hate the sport, or be completely indifferent to it as a result of their experiences with you.

The best way to maintain consistent and quality player development is to have a consistent message. Cody Cain Coaching brings the same training philosophy to players and coaches alike so as to maintain ongoing and consistent player training and development.

Use the latest thinking/training in coaching and game play

New coaching techniques and ideas come along every day. Are they all workable? Do they all help you teach young athletes more effectively? Of course not! Here you will learn about those techniques and ideas and the best ways to implement them into your training programs. You will also learn questions to ask your players to delve into what they believe are their own weaknesses and strengths in their skills and training. The answers to those questions give you the opportunity to provide your athletes the tools they need to be even more successful, to become the stars they dream about becoming.


Make practices both fun and useful

Many coaches make practices BORING! They go through the drills they learned when they were players or saw when they were younger and they can’t understand why their athletes aren’t bubbling over with excitement and enthusiasm about practices. The truth is, practices can be as much fun as the games themselves. It’s easy to do. You will learn how to create an atmosphere that gets athletes excited about practicing and builds their skills at the same time.

Keep players engaged

Here’s the bad news; your young athletes are not hanging on every word you say. In fact, the more you say, the more likely they will be thinking about something besides the lessons you are teaching. Keeping players’ heads in practice and games is a tall, but vital, task for success.

How do you keep their attention and interest? It isn’t difficult, but there are numerous techniques to help you accomplish this.

For a limited time, you can get access to Cody Cain directly through his Coach Mentoring Program. This program is designed for those coaches who want a little help in preparing for the season ahead. Whether you are a youth coach who has never coached before or a senior coach looking to raise your levels of performance, our Coach Mentoring Program is for you.
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