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A Total System to Help Young Athletes Reach Their Personal Best and Win More Often

Learn how to prepare your athletes to fulfil their potential with tools developed to ensure their success.

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What you will learn with this book

Drawing on four decades of experience as a player, coach and game official Cody Cain shows you what it takes to achieve success both on and off the field. Read this book to:

  • Recognize and develop the key traits of successful athletes

  • Establish a winning approach for your team and players

  • Easily communicate with your players about what to eat and when

  • Create training programs that consistently improve skills and conditioning

  • Teach your athletes habits and strategies for success

  • Help your athletes reach their personal best and win more often


Maximize Success with The BMIQ Triangle

Learn how the BMIQ Success Triangle can be used by coaches and parents to inspire and teach youth athletes how to succeed on and off the field.

What Is BMIQ?

In order to achieve success, an athlete must maintain a balance between the Body, Mind and IQ elements of BMIQ. They do not work in isolation but rather as an integrated process with all elements moving towards the same ultimate outcome.

The BMIQ Success Methodology is straightforward, but it is not easy to implement and may be completely new way of thinking to what you’re used to. But make no mistake this process has been used by millions of people to achieve their desires for thousands of years.


About The Author

Cody Cain

Cody Cain is a member of the British Baseball Hall of Fame, a former Great Britain National team player and coach, he played in the US College World Series in 1990, is a Director of Baseball Softball UK, and he has spent the last 40 years of his life as a player, coach and umpire.
"I have observed Cody's impact through strength, technique and confidence, and my children have benefitted. I fully expect that his passion and commitment will continue to upgrade the quality of youth baseball."
Jeff Dellapina
Father of 3 athletes trained by Cody
"A big part of working with Cody's philosophy is mental strength. “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” This statement was our mantra to reaching goals that I never thought I was going to achieve."
Age 17
"If parents, players, and coaches want to “get the edge,” they will read this book, ascribe to its content, and use the ideas and information to help maximize the potential of young athletes to achieve their true potential both on and off the athletic field."
Jerry Gatto
Retired Lewis and Clark College baseball coach, four-time Coach of the Year of the Northwest Conference, and West Coast Coach of the Year 1990

What You Can Expect From This Book

This book is about success and how to become amazingly more successful, not only in sports but in all aspects of life. We all strive to reach our potential, but often fall short, but don’t know why.

Inside this book are secrets, secrets that can ensure remarkable success not just in sports, but in any endeavor. There’s nothing magic about them. They have been well-known and practiced for thousands of years by those people who have become markedly successful in their lives, those Hall-of-Famers in all walks of life.

Learn them now for yourself – and your athletes. Read the book carefully, make a plan and goals related to executing your plan and you too will be in a position to really help your athletes maximize their potential.

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